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We provide our clients in the oil & gas drilling industry worldwide, with the personnel for conducting, commissioning, inspection and HSE Services tailored to our clients needs:

  • Rig-specific
  • Competent personnel
  • In accordance with industry rules & regulations
  • Focus on people, process & performance


Rig QA specializes in a variety of Rig Auditing, Training, Commissioning and Construction services including:

Rig Audits

Pre-hire survey


Offshore / MODU / Land / HWO / Workover / Swabbing Units


Offshore / Land / Drilling rig commissioning




Rig Personnel Training


Rig Consruction Project Managment


HSE Compliance


We take great care to provide the highest quality services for our clients including:

  • Inspect the rig and all components mechanically and electrically, utilizing a comprehensive checklist to determine the condition of the equipment.
  • Formulate a corrective action plan that can be implemented prior to startup and while on contract.
  • Analyze the contractors maintenance policies and procedures to assess the effectiveness of the maintenance program.
  • Ensure that the maintenance program is being implemented at the rig level. Evaluate critical spares inventory.
  • Evaluate rig equipment and capabilities to assign a job rating based on your drilling program.
  • Determination is made as to whether the rig can meet the operational requirements.
  • Submit a detailed report and verbally review the finding with you and the contractor management.
  • Perform rig equipment and acceptance testing.
  • Conduct pre hire and periodic surveys.
  • Assist you and the contractor in developing and implementing a plan to correct any problems.
  • New construction Rig Commissioning and final acceptance.
  • Conduct detailed and comprehensive HSE survey using Rig QA checklists that are presently being adopted as a standard by a major oil company.