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Rig QA is the training division of Rig QA International and has developed a comprehensive suite of training programs that incorporate Rig QA core strengths, ie, Rig Equipment & Rig Based HSE functions.

All of the programs on this page are accredited through the IADC.

Our Rig QA Training offers:

IADC RigPass- 1 day
IADC Rig Pass with SafeGulf, SEMS Awareness and SafeLand Endorsements.
IADC Rig Pass To Go program is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees.

Key Skills Audit- This audit includes of every critical crew member on site and can also include the drilling superintendents and drill site managers. Based on each persons roles and responsibilities, as determined by the Contractor/Operator, the audit will take each person to their area of responsibility and determine if they have the necessary skills to be competent in their role.

Once complete, the audit will highlight any additional training that may be required and whether this is best conducted on the rig or in a classroom.